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Rohnees Electricals
5 Ficus Place
Macquarie Fields NSW 2564
0423 905 982
02 8798 1719


In today’s competitive business world it is mandatory to use less manpower and more advance technology to make a best of the best outcome to make good profit from available resources and remain in the market. so use of latest technology for process automation in industry, commercial automation in retail and use of remotely operated yet most economical domestic accessories and appliances is mandatory. At Rohnees we have strongly trained and qualified team of Engineers and Electricians who have spent half of their life in electrical works weather it is latest programmable Logic controllers(PLC), variable speed drives(VSD), hydraulic or pneumatic controllers, BMS, latest Circuit breakers, safety switches, data communication or even uninterrupted power supplies to name a few. 

We are proud to deliver best of the best service for our customer.