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Rohnees Electricals
5 Ficus Place
Macquarie Fields NSW 2564
0423 905 982
02 8798 1719

Welcome to Rohnees Electrical Pty Ltd.    

"Our biggest asset is our customers trust!"

Rohnees Electricals Pty. Ltd. specialises in all types of electrical installations, Engineering services, process Automation, maintenance and Data communication and Security systems installation services in Industrial, commercial, Residential sectors across Sydney region with hopes to provide our kind reliable yet professionalised services across NSW region in near future.  

Looking for an electrician?  As a customer of Rohnees electricals Pty. Ltd. you’ll get value for your money, in reality we are dedicated to make you happy with our services.  Our electricians are committed to excellencey in their jobs and like to do the very little or major things exactly how it should be. We are extremely driven to differentiate ourselves from the electrical industry stereotype of unreliable and unprofessional tradesmen, by bringing extreme sincere services to the electrical industry. our team members are experienced, talented and dedicated to provide services across Sydney metropolitan in Industrial, commercial, residential sectors. We are committed to provide five star personalised services based on professionalism, integrity and relationship. To make sure this service standard is always being met, Rohnees has recently launched its electrical franchise network to ensure that our every team member you encounter provides you with the service you deserve. 

Next time if you are in the need of an electrician, give us a call on 02 8798 1719 or 423905982 and experience the fact, what customer satisfaction is meant for us and what is redefined engineering services in today’s world.    

Please do visit our web site to see exciting news and updates relating to rohnees world.          

Safety is our top priority !

Our technician can thoroughly assess your property for future maintenance problems or potential electrical safety issues.  Home and Business owners are usually unaware on the fire risks and electrical hazards around the property.    
We do FREE Electrical Safety Inspection for your home and business property.